Sunday, June 20, 2010


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, an online literary journal, announces its fifth annual creative competition. This year’s theme, “Refuge” is sponsored by the Garden Island Arts Council.

Cash prizes will be awarded in the following manner. Written: First place, $100; second place, $50; third place, $25. Visual: One $100 award. Winners and other noteworthy contributors will be posted on and invited to read on a special night later this fall. (Date and place to be determined.)

Writing form does not matter—essay, story (imagined or real), memoir or poems are all welcome. Visual entries must be submitted in jpg format.

As in previous years, entries must be relevant to Kauai, in some manner. is a venue for rigorous writing with a view about Kauai. We look for writing that builds understanding, not walls. We encourage writing and imagery that engenders respectful dialogue for we believe one way to build community is through conversation. values the expression of all voices and delights in words and images that shift thinking and open minds threading us ever closer together in this calabash of a world in which we live. Entries will be judged on whether they achieve this vision or not.

A student category will be created pending interest and writing quality.

Contest participants may submit one entry per category. That is, participants may submit one written entry and one visual entry; however, you may not submit more than one written entry or more than one visual entry. This also means you get one chance per category to get it right, so please double-check spelling and grammar before hitting send. Please do not submit revised entries. We recommend using 12 pt. Times New Roman font on written entries. Please do not use a stylized typeface; do not use colored type fonts; do not use a variety of different type sizes. On images, please do not include a name superimposed or embedded into the jpg in any way.

Visit to view the quality of works posted and the blog’s mission statement.

The deadline for submitting entries is midnight HST September 30, 2010. Text entries must be pasted into the body of an email (no attachments) and sent to Images must be sent as a jpg attachment. is intended to serve as a timely, interactive forum. Readers are encouraged to visit often and post comments.


Friday, June 04, 2010


by Susan Campbell

The yacht club at Nawiliwili
rests on tall concrete posts.
Tall, so small tsunamis pass safely beneath.
Boats are the only requirement for members
sailboats, kayaks, occasionally a rich man’s toy.
Even then boats no’matta.
Tee shirts and slippers de riguer.

Piers jut into the water
walkways for boat owners
with gated access -
a heavy duty padlock
or slip-chain.

Old men with long poles
sit around fishing,
talking story,
drinking beer.
Occasionally one walks to water’s edge
to take a piss
confident no one watches,
not caring if they do.

The fish don’t seem to mind...
They leap and splash in the harbor
in open water
between boats.
Kittens carry on mock courtships on shore
or fight over scraps of food.

As the sun sets
and fog blankets the ridges
and evening breezes blow down from the hills
fishing gear is packed away
final beers are tipped back,
laughter escalates.
There are pidgen shouts of "Later!"
Bottles are tossed into truck beds.

And one by one
rusty pickups with grinding gears
are backed out of parking spots
and make their weaving way
from the harbor,
pointing their hoods toward home.