Tuesday, November 23, 2010


[Congratulations to Jericho Panasuk for her first-place entry in our 2010 Creative Competition. Check back for the next 10 days, as we post other recognized entries.]

In the City

She was a ghost walking in her body

Living a strange dream of grey concrete dark resolutions conformed to the masses

She dreamed of the oceans, of jungle forests rich with absolute freedom

Leaving all she knew, her identity, the threads of the clothes she wore and the things she used to own, that she thought defined her

Leaving all she knew on the wings of a flight

She fled to the sea

Because it was better to be lonely with the wind in her hair, staring out at the possibilities of an endless ocean...

She found herself walking the craggy lines of ocean and land the parti-colored sunrises, watching ships fade slowly in the distance. She lost track of time and began to dance she found herself feeling ancient in her art form

She moved languidly through the beauty of the island

She found refuge

The pulse of her heart sustaining and her body coming back to life and her breath

Pushing farther into the heart of the island as she came nearer to Kalalau

She was reminded of her heartbeat a fierceness so deep it pushed her on as tears streamed down her and she lay on the warm rocks of redemption

She found refuge

Living without the limit of time she began to learn how to let go, she began to sing from a place she had not known

From the pure space of the divine

She found refuge

She dreamed of dolphins and awoke and was brought to the sea, it was calm and flat and she swam out to find them swimming as the sun rose

She found refuge

She began to surf when the sun would rise she would drive down and paddle out on her board...it was there where adrenaline and calm resolve would meet

She found refuge

She returned to a little sleepy town and decided to do all she ever wanted, she made all that surrounded her beautiful, she began to paint picturesque symphonies the colors liberating something deep inside her

She found refuge

In the trails which would stain her with the earth of red dirt, the solace of the eminence of velocity of the rapport of nature vibrating to the step of her soul

She found refuge

On the island that healed her soul in such a way that she had never known, the deliverance of her voice, the recognition of life

On the island

She awoke

She found refuge

She found refuge

She found refuge....


Anonymous said...

congratulations jericho rell!

i hope you are proud of youself, i know i am very proud of you. i love to read your work and hope for more.

love dad

Amalia said...

Beautiful story that rings true for many, thank you for putting the letters together to make it real.
Congratulations on your divine writing!