Wednesday, November 21, 2012

She Went Walking

[Congratulations to Rocky Riedel for her runner-up written entry in our 2012 Creative Competition. Check back daily as we post other recognized entries.]

Once upon a time a child, eyes like the sky and hair rays of sunshine, descended from the clouds on a ladder of pearls. Through the mist she alighted upon the tippy top of a green velvet mountain called Koke’e. Giggling white mushrooms popped up and white furry wishing seeds leapt into the air when her feet touched the ground.

She had never been to this land before. The little girl, lovely and calm, breathed in the beauty all around her. She blinked and winked at a gecko scurrying by. Her eyes twinkled at the chirp of a dove in the sky. A soft warm breeze sprinkled crystal drops of rainbow onto her hair. A blessing for one so blessed.

Oh, how luscious! the little girl thought as she tasted air full of coconut and her toes tickled moist purple earth beneath her feet. She stooped down and scooped some up and put it into her mouth - she couldn’t help herself! The earth was like cake batter made for a queen! Right away she could feel the noble nourishment feed her whole body and burst through her heart.

The little girl was so full of earth kisses that her eyes danced and her arms flew wide open and her smile dazzled even the sun. She was filled with love, with a sweet sense of knowing. She was a conduit between Heaven and Earth.

This land is so holy, so tender, she thought and bowed to the ground.

The little girl started walking on the emerald moss spread out before her like a royal carpet. She went up and went down over hills and dales, between singing trees and flowers painting each other pink. She kept going and going, not knowing where, just walking till she knew she should stop.

And that was when she came upon a frightened pig hiding in a bramble.

Why are you afraid, little piggy? Why are you hiding? Come with me.

And the pig did. He came out of hiding and followed the little girl, not knowing where she would take him.

They walked along until they came upon a goat stranded on the top of a precipice.

Let me help you, said the little girl.

And with that she unfurled a cloth of gold strong enough to hold the goat. He slid down it like on a sliding board, right into her arms.

The piggy and the goat and the little girl started laughing.

See? There is always help nearby. You need not worry. Come. Let’s see who else we can help.

They crossed over a stream and as they did they heard a rock gurgling. Blubbering.

Help me! I’m drowning! it cried.

They stopped and knew exactly what to do. The little girl sang a song that rose through the air and became a balloon. The pig and the goat tied the balloon’s dangling string around the rock. Then they hummed as the little girl’s song raised the rock into the sky. The rock giggled with joy and danced above them and they all continued along their merry way – a happy foursome now – looking for more ways to be of help.

But no one else seemed to need them. The ants were thriving, the mosquitoes were buzzing and people walking by all looked pleased as punch.

It’s almost time for my next stop. Want to come with me? asked the little girl of her new-found friends.

The pig and the goat and the rock huddled and hugged and then decided to stay where they were. They felt there might be more beings needing their help, maybe even the mountain itself.

But the little girl knew she was needed elsewhere. She needed to sniff out and taste the next place to go and find new friends to help and teach how to help others.

She had planted seeds in the hair of the pig and the hoof of the goat and the face of the rock. And the balloon? Well, it was so full of love that it popped! Love burst out and sizzled and drizzled and trumpets soared and wisteria whizzled!

And so,

the little girl went on her way.

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